Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess It's Wednesday Night

Well this week is flying by.  I thought I posted since Saturday but I guess not lol!    I did get some sewing done this past weekend as well as going to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2."  Loved the movie and very sad to see the series end.

Here's my Civil War blocks.  Carolina Lily
 and Empty Spools from the week before.
 I started working on Honeycomb (a Schnibbles pattern).  I was really worried about sewing these blocks together into a row because there is a lot of bias edges and potential for wonky blocks is pretty high (like at least an 8 on the wonkiness potential scale).  I think I'll keep my eyes closed and my toes crossed that this little quilt turns out OK.
Under my ironing board.  Stella found a box that was a bit too small for her.  I'm getting a box of stuff together to send to my mom so maybe Stella wants to visit Grandma?   Well I think Grandma will have to come visit Stella because it doesn't look like Stella is going anywhere anytime soon. 

Looks like I'll have to find another box to mail too.


sewprimitive karen said...

Your CW blocks look great. Guess Stella needs to find some vintage priority rate boxes; these new flat rate boxes are soooo petite :-).

Karin said...

I think Stella is just fed up with the heat this summer. Does she need Kitty Kamp?