Monday, January 30, 2012

A Remy Post

Still working on my "1862 Battle Hymn" project.  I have all the pieces cut but no blocks sewn together.  Hope to have some blocks done tomorrow. So in the meantime, here is a recent photo of Remy, who is getting too big too fast.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inspiration at Last

Well I've been in a bit of a sewing and blogging slump this month.  But inspiration has hit like a bolt of lightning after seeing this post from Barbara Brackman while watching DVR'ed episodes of my new-absolutely-most-favorite-I-cannot-wait-until-the-next-season-TV-show (no it's not "Downton Abbey" although I'm hooked on that too).

My new favorite show is AMC's "Hell on Wheels"  Have you watched it?  There are so many reasons why I love this show:  the writing, the characters, the costumes, the time period (immediately following the American Civil War), the grittiness, the cinematography, trains, and on and on.  Not to mention lead character Cullen Bohannon/actor Anson Mount's awesomesauce hat (as cool as Indy's in Raiders IMO).

Where was I? oh yeah inspiration.  Well the somber colors of the costumes in this show reminded me of Barbara's "1862 Battle Hymn" fabric line.  And I just happen to have a bundle of the line that needed a project.


Now I just need the hat.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Friday 13th Finish!

I just adore the Schnibble pattern for this month's Another Year of Schnibbles.  The pattern is "Full House" and I used French General "Le Petit Ecole" charm packs.

Here's my completed top, hot off the ironing board.

I just may get this quilted and bound before the end of the month. Let's hope so.

And because it's not a Friday the 13th without a black cat or two.  Here's a Remy photo.  He is getting so big

and looooooong.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hi! Yes I'm Still Here!

Hi! Long time no post!  I am sneaking easing into the new year.  After working beaucoup at Starbucks for November and December, I had a four-day weekend last weekend and caught up on some much needed sleep and got completely hooked on "Downton Abbey."  OMG this is the best period drama!  Season 2 starts tomorrow on your local PBS so if you haven't discovered it yet, you still have time to catch up (if you start right now!)

I also caught up on the Civil War Block of the Week quilt and finished all the blocks, sashes, sewed rows together and am deciding on borders.  Between CWBOW and 8 hours of Downton Abbey now you know why I didn't blog last weekend LOL!

Here are some of the blocks I made:
For one of the corner blocks I repeated the North Star block
Christmas Star

New York
Grapes of Wrath
Yankee Puzzle
West Virginia
As soon as I decide on the borders, I post the finished top.  I just love this quilt.  I think it is one of my absolute favorites and I can't wait to get it completely finished and quilted.   

Well now that it's well into January, I am, of course, already behind on quilt projects I want to do.  Sinta and Sherri are hosting Another Year of Schnibbles and I am joining in again to make these fun quilts.  For January, the pattern is "Full House" and I'm using some hoarded French General charm packs to make mine.  

 I also signed up for Judy at Patchwork Times' 2012 UFO Challenge. I had a dismal completion rate last year so I hope to improve this year by working on the same list.  For January, the UFO is number 5 on the list which is my "Stars of Provence" quilt. Here is one of the blocks I finished back in the Paleolithic era February 2007.  Now I just need to figure out where I left off nearly 5 years ago!!!