Monday, March 29, 2010

Nibble of a Schnibble

True confession: I started a new project yesterday. I know I was supposed to work on UFOs and BOMs but this Schnibble project was singing a siren song.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March (BOM) Madness

I don't follow NCAA basketball at all but I participated in my own version of March Madness by working on about four BOM projects this weekend. Maybe I'll make up some brackets and try to guess which one will actually be done and quilted first....or maybe not.

Here is the finishing kit for the Fat Quarter Shop designer mystery BOM all cut and ready to be put together. Everything in little bags and labeled. Only two more blocks left in this one.
Here is the second block for the Moose on the Porch jelly roll sampler.
And thirdly, here is the first block for the Quilt Room jelly roll sampler
I bet my aunt (Hi!) can guess who this one is for (colors are green, blue and brown with little bugs :) I hope the timing is right and it will be a first b-day present next year.

For the fourth BOM (Little Quilts SSS), I got everything together and decided to wait and cut the finishing kit out tomorrow.

Hope I can keep these all straight....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nearing the end of March

Another busy week. I've enjoyed catching up on the blogs of all my Atlanta quilting friends. Last weekend was the Atlanta quilt shop hop and Silver Thimbles weekend. I missed both but that was OK because S. and I went to our favorite lodge in North Carolina (Snowbird Mountain Lodge!)

Never fear, I did sneak a little quilty stop on the way in Franklin, NC. If you are ever in the area, be sure you stop at Deb's Cats N Quilts. The ladies there were really nice and friendly. They have a great selection of fabrics and lots of older Moda lines in case you are searching for something you may find it there.

How cool are their bags??!!!?? I bet Stella would like a mini version. Here's what is inside the bag Judy Martin's new book Stellar Stars (I love star quilts don't you? These are stunning.) And a new Moda jelly roll (told you I needed a new one for one of those free BOMS hee hee) in yummy blues, greens, and browns (the "Cherish Nature" line).

It was a lovely, warm spring day and perfect for driving up to the mountains. (The Smokey Mountains always look like this--smokey and hazy--I really love the colors in this photo) We had a great time and went hiking on Saturday.
Since it was so warm and spring-y, we didn't plan on seeing this when we reached the beginning of the trail. Ummmm snow??!!?? Lots of snow in the higher elevations.
Should have brought snow shoes and maybe Jack and Shiloh with the dog sled. Being intrepid infrequent weekend hikers, we carried on and hiked away. We even had a picnic lunch on the top of a mountain since the sun had melted all the snow at the very top. A wonderful weekend all around.

I came back and was home for a day before I had to go on a two-day trip to south GA for my day job then back to the office and Starbucks and now it's Friday again. Whew!

I'm looking forward to some sewing time this weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yet another block of the month (or two)

Block of the month programs are so much fun! I found two new free on-line ones. Both featuring the irresistible Moda jelly rolls. It just so happens that I have one (or two or maybe three) jelly rolls hanging out in need of patterns. The first BOM is from Moose on the Porch Quilts the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along.
Here is block one and block two is printed and ready to be sewn this weekend. I am using an older American Jane line and various background pieces. I think I may have used too many different patterns in this one and maybe I'll tone down the next. Or maybe not.

The second BOM is from those fabulous authors of my favorite jelly roll quilt book (called Jelly Roll Quilts) and owners of The Quilt Room in England. It's called Classic Jelly Roll Sampler. If I ever get to England, I am going there and telling them thanks for adding 50-11 more UFOs to my life. Love ya! I haven't decided on a jelly roll for this BOM and I may have to buy one special. Just maybe. Possibly. Probably shouldn't but....

Hope y'all join me in these free fun projects! I know Karin will now that I've put the jelly roll bug in her inbox (hee hee).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy Life Syndrome, Jack's sister, I do remember how to quilt, and cat photos

I hope I still have readers out there. Here's a long post in case you missed me. And some cat photos because I know Karin and her furry guys have missed seeing my furry guys. I have been suffering from busy life syndrome for the past two months. I hope to get back on a regular blogging schedule right this minute. Now where did I leave off? Oh I was in Washington DC (note to self--don't wish for plane delays because you will get them!). I was supposed to leave Tuesday March 2 at 1:00 but it was snowing in Atlanta so I was delayed and then the flight was canceled and then it was rebooked and I ended up in...

Minneapolis/St. Paul.

OK look at the map. Do you see where Washington is? Now see where Atlanta is to the southwest of DC; now see where Minneapolis is?

No, I don't get it either....

Although there was snow on the ground in Minneapolis, but Northerners can handle that. Atlanta cannot handle more than 2 flakes. Really.

I had a lovely 4 hour stay at the Minneapolis airport. There are lots of great quilt designers in Minnesota. None of them were are the airport that day. Glad I brought two books to read because I finished one.

Remind me again why travel is fun?

Anyway I ended up back to Atlanta at 11PM. At least it was the same day. And there was not a bit of snow to be found. Delta apparently is not reimbursing me for the 7 hours I lost but I do thank them for getting me home.....

the long way......

Between that trip on the 2nd and today the 14th is mostly a blur of work work work. All work and no play makes me a boring blogger...
One big bit of news arrived on March 5th via voice mail.

This is my nephew-dog Jack.

Jack is five.

Jack likes me because I bring him fancy organic dog biscuits when I travel to Michigan. I like Jack because he's a sweetie and has icy blue eyes just like Daniel Craig. Jack also has freckles on his nose (I don't know about Daniel Craig but I'll let you know if I ever meet him).

Jack now has a (human) sister as of March 5th.

And I have a niece!

My brother and SIL now are the proud parents of a little girl (who looks nothing like Jack but a lot like my brother). They have had a bit of a rough time these past nine days but everyone is doing well and hopefully will be coming home Monday or Tuesday. I'll check and see if I can post a photo but believe me, I think my niece is the most beautiful baby ever. My first job as an aunt to a human baby has been to be on the phone a lot checking up on everyone. I can do that.
Along with slacking on blogging, I have been slacking on quilting. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I still remembered how to sew and caught up on my FQS designer mystery BOM blocks.
Three months worth! Only two more months left in the series. I better get working on the finishing kit.
Gratuitous cat photos taken yesterday at nap time.
Morpheus and Stella.

Edgar Poe and Gomez.

Thanks for coming back!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello from Washington, DC!!

I am (not quite) joking when I say I had to leave town to have a chance to rest and post to my blog! Wow what a busy week I had last week (nothing exciting--just work work work). I am here in DC for a super quick trip for work and then it's back home. I arrived yesterday in time to get to the hotel, find some food, and watch (and nap a little during) the US vs Canada Olympic hockey game. Great game!!! Congrats to our Northern neighbors for well deserved gold metal and an all around fabulous Olympics!!!!! Thank you Vancouver for a wonderful winter Olympics!!! I will have to check out Cathi at Quilt Obsession and find out what metals Lester and Smudge won in the Catalympics (did I mention I have around 400 blog posts to read??!!??? I better hope for some plane delays in order to catch up). I bet Smudge won the gold in lounging.

Anyway, I have an all-day workshop today and then I leave for Atlanta tomorrow so it's a very quick trip. No time to see anything in DC really except the metro stations and hotel.
The Mayflower Hotel (historic hotel built in 1925). Highly recommended for over-tired travelers wanting to rest and watch hockey.
I did venture down to Dupont Circle (fountain in Dupont Circle and yes, that is SNOW still on the ground--not a good day for sightseeing--very cold and very windy!)
yesterday for brunch but that's about it.
Luna Grill and Diner--highly recommend for starving travelers walking in cold and windy DC. They have the best coffee (organic & fair trade & brewed strong!!!! Perfect!) and Belgian waffles.

I also found this delightful shop (S.--it's in a Brutalist building--I think I actually like Brutalism when it's paired with cupcakes :) I highly recommend Hello Cupcake. In fact, I may actually be having a Raspberry Beret cupcake for breakfast instead of paying for overpriced eggs in the hotel right this minute. Yes, I most definitely recommend cupcakes for breakfast! I also am drinking some Via from Starbucks. OK time to get ready for the workshop.