Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy Life Syndrome, Jack's sister, I do remember how to quilt, and cat photos

I hope I still have readers out there. Here's a long post in case you missed me. And some cat photos because I know Karin and her furry guys have missed seeing my furry guys. I have been suffering from busy life syndrome for the past two months. I hope to get back on a regular blogging schedule right this minute. Now where did I leave off? Oh I was in Washington DC (note to self--don't wish for plane delays because you will get them!). I was supposed to leave Tuesday March 2 at 1:00 but it was snowing in Atlanta so I was delayed and then the flight was canceled and then it was rebooked and I ended up in...

Minneapolis/St. Paul.

OK look at the map. Do you see where Washington is? Now see where Atlanta is to the southwest of DC; now see where Minneapolis is?

No, I don't get it either....

Although there was snow on the ground in Minneapolis, but Northerners can handle that. Atlanta cannot handle more than 2 flakes. Really.

I had a lovely 4 hour stay at the Minneapolis airport. There are lots of great quilt designers in Minnesota. None of them were are the airport that day. Glad I brought two books to read because I finished one.

Remind me again why travel is fun?

Anyway I ended up back to Atlanta at 11PM. At least it was the same day. And there was not a bit of snow to be found. Delta apparently is not reimbursing me for the 7 hours I lost but I do thank them for getting me home.....

the long way......

Between that trip on the 2nd and today the 14th is mostly a blur of work work work. All work and no play makes me a boring blogger...
One big bit of news arrived on March 5th via voice mail.

This is my nephew-dog Jack.

Jack is five.

Jack likes me because I bring him fancy organic dog biscuits when I travel to Michigan. I like Jack because he's a sweetie and has icy blue eyes just like Daniel Craig. Jack also has freckles on his nose (I don't know about Daniel Craig but I'll let you know if I ever meet him).

Jack now has a (human) sister as of March 5th.

And I have a niece!

My brother and SIL now are the proud parents of a little girl (who looks nothing like Jack but a lot like my brother). They have had a bit of a rough time these past nine days but everyone is doing well and hopefully will be coming home Monday or Tuesday. I'll check and see if I can post a photo but believe me, I think my niece is the most beautiful baby ever. My first job as an aunt to a human baby has been to be on the phone a lot checking up on everyone. I can do that.
Along with slacking on blogging, I have been slacking on quilting. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I still remembered how to sew and caught up on my FQS designer mystery BOM blocks.
Three months worth! Only two more months left in the series. I better get working on the finishing kit.
Gratuitous cat photos taken yesterday at nap time.
Morpheus and Stella.

Edgar Poe and Gomez.

Thanks for coming back!


*karendianne. said...

What a long, strange trip it's been...

Yeah, Auntie. Congratulations. Happy for the family. Looking forward to pics of the new little baby.

Gratuitous feline fhotos appreciated!:)

Welcome back to the routine my friend. You're missed when you're gone.

sewprimitive karen said...

Really funny post. Congratulations on becoming an aunt!

Needled Mom said...

Interesting trip! Seems like the airlines are pulling our strings a lot these days.

Congratulations on becoming an aunt. It is a fun position.

Karin said...

Yeah..we missed you!
Karin, Henry Wild Willie and Spooky

Carol said...

Glad you're back...what a crazy trip...don't know how the airlines figure out where to send us when they can't get us where we need to be...LOL! Congrats on the new niece..very exciting. Love your new Designer #10 came in the mail on Saturday...need to get going and I keep saying I need to get the finishing kit started so I'll be all ready to put it together when the last block arrives. Need more time!

Susan said...

That was strange to send you to Minneapolis. Usually people get stuck in the Atlanta airport.

Those stars look hard. I bet that will be a beautiful quilt!

I should post some photos of my cat, and my dog, too.

Brenda said...

Have missed keeping up with you. Welcome back.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

You'll be a splendid auntie.

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