Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extreme Heat Project

While I was (melting) at home today waiting for the repair person, I worked on this embroidery sampler from I love this new pen called Frixion by Pilot that Melisa at Sweet Home demoed last month. The ink disappears with heat from an iron. Way cool. And it comes in different colors like purple (my favorite). I am using Valdani variegated 3-strand thread in blue-green colors (maybe because I watched Shark Week on Discovery Channel til 3am last night.)

The A/C is on now and we are all starting to revive now. Back to quilting soon.


Michele said...

We had to get a new air conditioner last year! I understand your pain :-( Love the picture of your cats in the last post :-) That pen sounds interesting.....I'll have to check it out!

Joyce said...

Heat makes the marks disappear, but, if you put the piece in the freezer then your markings will come back.
Cool science project-disappearing ink.

Anita said...

Too funny! I was up 'til almost 3 am watching some mutant hybrid shark on shark cheesy, but they suck you in :) Those pens are great, but be careful because it does reappear when it gets really cold as the previous person said.