Monday, January 24, 2011

January Blahs

Oh I haven't posted in awhile.  Last week was just one of those annoying hectic weeks at work filled with a million aggravating things and this weekend I seemed to have a case of the January blahs.  I don't know about you, but I always get blah in the winter, even in the South where there is more sunlight. After all the excitement with Snowmaggedon, it seemed last week that it had been January least 2 Januarys long.

So while January blahs do not make for good company (gray, cold, wet, wool blankets come to mind), I was productive over the weekend, keeping to myself and my sewing machine.

 I finished up block 3 for the Civil War Quilts Block of the Week.  My needleturn applique skills were a little rusty so the stars are kind of wonky.  This block is called Seven Sisters.

Let's just say it has a Folk Art element instead of crisp pointy points shall we?
 This is block 4 called Texas Tears. I am having so much fun with this block of the week project.  Every Saturday I grab my big box of Civil War reproduction fabrics and dig through, cutting little bits of this and little bits of that.

I bet I have eleventy-million weeks worth of Civil War fabrics in there if I keep using bits and pieces.

I also realized I better get cracking on my January UFO project for Judy's challenge or else!  I definitely don't want to fail on the challenge the first month so I put aside my Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt and worked on blocks for my Clara Barton quilt. 
One of my favorites is this block with the purple and cream fabric.


In the Heart of Happy said...

Loving on that Texas Block!!

I love all your work and I'm sorry you have been feeling blah.

Spring is a coming!

Gari said...

I really do understand about the January blahs. Today was gray, foggy, and damp=yuck! However, I also am impressed with how much you are getting done on these gray days. Good going.