Sunday, December 19, 2010

UFO Containment Plan

Before my house continues to ends up looking like scene from Mars Attacks!, I'm joining Judy at Patchwork Times' UFO challenge for 2011.  I definitely need a containment plan for my UFO's as they are taking over Roswell, New Mexico the house.  Click on the link in my sidebar if you want to join in!

So 2011 will bring, at least, these 12 projects to completion:

1.  Scrappy Nines--bits and pieces of this are all over the place; I really need to get this together.
2.  Binding on two (!) quilts that have been quilted for over a year. WTH??
3.  2 table runners that are already cut out and aging in bags (poor dears!)
Here are some of the list (hope one of these are picked first or I'll have to go sewing space diving)
4.  Start and finish a quilt from this honey bun of Neptune fabric (it is already trying to escape from the roll so I hope this number gets picked soon)

5.  Finish top for "Stars of Provence" --languishing since February 2007 
6.  Finish top called "Damask Rose" using Clara Barton  fabric from the book Layer Cakes, Jellyrolls, & Charm Packs
7.  Finish top for "Firecracker" quilt--I think this just needs borders and the backing pieced
8.  Finish top for Kaffe Fassett quilt from Jelly Roll Quilts--top is halfway done and need to piece backing
9.  Finish top for Stitch n' Quilt shop BOM from 2007
10.  Start and finish one of my oldest UFOs "Wild Rice" kit purchased in August 2004 (OY!)
11.  Start and finish one of my newest UFOs (I don't think it's really a UFO yet but it has the possibility to be so I better add it to the list just in case) Whittier Crossing kit for "Bali Sea Star" from the book Scrap Basket Surprises--purchased November 2010.
12.  Finish two I-forgot-I-even-had-these projects (seriously these need to be finished before I forget them again.

Here is Kristie's in progress last year
Baker's dozen # 13 project to fit in:  "Kristie made me do this project" Bunny Hill Scotty Dogs

Whew!  This was scary and exhausting.

I think I need to eat a cookie and drink a cup of coffee to recover.


A Quilter Awakens said...

You are so brave! I read the UFO challenge and got cold feet. Commitment issues you know. Karmen

Gari said...

I was going to say brave, too.

Cathi said...

UFO containment plan wouldn't work for me -- I'm so easily distracted! I will be watching and cheering you on!

Becky said...

Didn't know you had started the Scottie Dog project. That's a great project. We WILL make great progress in 2011.

Dionne said...

What a great list! I just joined the challenge and I'm looking forward to following along with everyone's challenge.

Béa said...

Great list, more interesting than mine, all at quilting stage... :(
Good luck and hugs from France.

Dionne said...
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