Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Busy Time of the Year

Well it's that busy time of the year for everyone.  I can't believe I haven't posted since Friday. Let's see I had Groovy Girls on Saturday, make Hanukkah dinners for S. and E, made homemade holiday gifts all weekend, caught up on watching Martha Stewart, and did fifty-eleven other things too.

Here is the one project I finished that I can show: The 10-minute table runner in cool Hip Holiday fabric.  Melisa showed us how to make these and how to make ruching.  I think I need Remedial Ruching because mine looks pitiful (so don't look close!) Ugh looks like I needed to press this better and check the lighting for the photo too.

Well this is about as good as it's gonna get tonight.  Morpheus and I are settled in on the couch watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas." What is everyone else up to this Tuesday evening?


Karin said...

The ruching is really cool. I will be at that some time soon so I can get my card punched. What am I doing tonight> TRYING TO STAY WARM. I hate this, I need to move to the equator-it is only Dec. and I am already whining! And to think, I was a northerner..but I moved down here to get away from the cold.
Also working on the binding for the X block quilt. I have 29 blocks made for step 3 but I need a quilt fairy to finish up!

sewprimitive karen said...

The ruching looks wonderful! For my Tuesday evening, I went to Repro Divas at LQ -- which actually meets next Tuesday lol.

ytsmom said...

Love the ruching on your runner. I demoed this at guild last month, and at our Cmas party Monday night, there were at least half a dozen runners that the ladies had made to exchange. FUN!