Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice and Black Cats Do Not Mix

Lunar eclipse/full moon/winter solstice and black cats do not mix. 
Thanks to Morpheus, I've been up at 3AM for the past 2 nights (er mornings). I appreciate his interest in astronomy and the passing of seasons, but really a calendar is fine.

This is not my photo of the eclipse; it's from NASA.gov.  
I didn't even go outside to see it because I was too busy telling a certain mr. cat that he was not getting any Christmas presents (or winter solstice presents for that matter). 
If you are keeping track (as I am) only Stella and Gomez are being "good."  Edgar Poe and Morph better be on extra good behavior these next few days or Sandy Claws will not be visiting.


Michelle said...

Poor Morpheus...he's going to find coal in his stocking!

Karin said...

aww...they're sorry. They will try to be better

sewprimitive karen said...

Gretchen, you are so funny. Rembrandt is also Very Bad: she is climbing in my brand-new white tree and bending the branches down and knocking them out entirely. I can't put on any decorations. I'm so mad and trying not to be. Also looking for a squirt gun.