Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homemade Holiday

My family is not really exchanging gifts this year.  Well except for buying my nine-month old niece Mackenzie her first Xmas presents :)  We decided that no one really needed anything (except for boring expensive things like I need new tires for the truck...) and I think everyone is just grateful for health, loved ones, jobs, and houses.
I did make a couple little projects from Groovy Girls from stash and clearance fabrics.
A stand & stow bag for mom (left) and my sister-in-law (right). I bet these are used for sewing stuff or Mackenzie stuff.

For my brother who has to travel a lot for his job, some travel totes (a large and 2 medium bags). He is interested in the American Civil War so I used reproduction fabric for his.

I made these for my dad too just because dads are hard to find presents for and I figured he would find a use for them. These were easy to pack in carry-on luggage too--always important to think about gifts & traveling especially nowadays.

Voila!  I even used ultra-green wrapping by folding neatly and re-using ribbon remnants.   

I'll let you know how they liked the gifts (I'm pre-blogging before my trip!!!)

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