Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Baking or My Kitchen is Covered with a Fine Layer of Flour & Confectioner's Sugar

I meant to post this last night but was too tired by the time I got back from delivering goodies to my Starbucks peeps.  I definitely got my bake on yesterday and by mid-afternoon my little kitchen was covered with flour and confectioner's sugar and the kitchenaid got a work out.  I started the morning making cranberry bread pudding to take to Starbucks along with cookies.  (I had homemade rolls in the freezer and milk I needed to use up so bob's your uncle...bread pudding.)

Next was cranberry-orange tea bread for my vet.  Every year I bring treats and coffee to my veterinarian's office as a thanks for keeping the four fuzzy ones healthy.

I only made a few types of cookies mostly to give away or take to the office next week because we definitely don't need to keep these around the house:  chocolate thumbprint cookies (left), a gazillion sugar cookies (above), and gingerbread cookies with lemon drizzle (below).

Today is one last batch of cookies and ham dinner (ham, mashed potatoes, corn, okra, homemade whole wheat rolls).  Rest of the weekend is sewing time woo hoo! 

The cats are being extra good today so Sandy Claws may visit after all lol!


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ooooo! bread pudding!!!! i want some ... maybe tomorrow cuz i am busy baking strombolis right now