Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas & Boxing Day 2010

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!  And a happy Boxing Day!

(I just love this antique print I found online with dogs and cat conspiring to get into the Christmas pudding.  It's called "Christmas Day--The Uninvited")

It has been a very low-key and lazy holiday here at Chez Stella Bella.  Lazing around under quilts, frequent snacking, reading, and dozing off. Actually, it was a typical day for the cats lol!

The cats enjoyed their new toys and we watched with amazement as snow fell in the ATL for the first time on Christmas since 1882.  There is about an inch here at my house but other areas in Georgia have more. 

Today is bitter cold and windy so I'm not leaving the house and am working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.

Tomorrow is back to work. Boo.


A Quilter Awakens said...

Double boo here. I may stay up really late tonight just to make vacation last a little longer. I have been doing books on CD while I sew (and pralines). Karmen

Karin said...

I am so sad that it will soon be Monday again and back to work. I was also working on the Bonnie Hunter project and didn't even bother to get dressed today-too cold! Snow on the grass has not melted but the road is clear. Back to the couch, the quilts and the guys.

Becky said...

Love this antique postcard. Merry Christmas! I'm totally exhausted.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Coveting the WmMorris F8s. I've only seen FQs of it. Where did you find them? I need 'em.