Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFO Containment Plan: January Report

Well I have to confess that I did not finish my UFO project this month for Judy's UFO Challenge. And I'm even late with my confession because I had to work late last night.  Oh my this is not starting well.  I did work on it though and will continue to get it finished (during this shortest of months...).

The project for February is #10 on the list.  Oh no!  I am so doomed.  I don't even know (exactly) where this project is!!!  Somewhere in the depths of my project bins. Oh my!

SCORE:  UFOs 1    Me 0


Kim West said...

I managed to put the final stitches in mine for Judy's challenge on the 31st. For Nancy's challenge, I only got as far as ordering backing and cutting batting. Now I am out of batting and it will take at least three weeks to get here, so I will definitely be late for February's UFOs. Do what you can when you can. Don't get frustrated and give up. You can do it!

Becky said...

I'm in trouble with Judy's challenge, too. My number 10 is the Dot quilt. Not a stitch or cut made in the baggies of fabric:)

Gari said...

This is why I didn't bite on this challenge. I don't do well with time frames but I do try to always be working on 1 UFO at all times: 1 UFO, 1 charity/comfort quilt, and 1 new project (along with BOMs). This combination works well for me and I never feel like I am falling behind. Well, almost never.