Friday, February 18, 2011

Back from AWOL with a loooong post

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted.  I guess I hit a blogging slump.  Hope I didn't lose any readers out there in blogland.  Things were busy but not really busier than usual. Here's a short run down of what happened that past 12 days:

Lots of work bother. What else is new??

Valentine's Day--very nice dinner, wine, and dessert at home with S.on the Friday before V-day.

On Valentine's Day itself (should have seen this coming since it was a Monday...), experienced the joy of a plumbing repair bill due to tree roots growing in the main sewer drain line and causing "issues".  Now I usually do my own plumbing repairs but this was a little beyond my DIY capabilities as it required a big machine to go into the pipe and cut and pull out roots through the bathroom. Lovely--not. I am rethinking joining the plumber's union.    

I finally saw the movie The Social Network.  Great movie but not Oscar worthy IMO. My vote is still True Grit although I haven't seen The King's Speech yet.

The cats did lots of this as always. Although it is unusual to have all four of them in one spot. 

Civil War block of the week: log cabin.  Not much other sewing completed.
 A Fat Quarter Shop delivery of some wonderful Kate Spain Central Park fabric and the pattern for the Eventide quilt along.  I think I'll use a fq bundle from my stash and I'll dig it out and post on Tuesday. 
I was going to show the rest of the Kate Spain fabric but somePoe wanted to be in the photo.  In this photo you can see Edgar's elaborate whiskers.  He has crazy long whiskers, which reminds me of Victorian-era sideburn fashion this Wikipedia link has some great photos.

It snowed again with a light dusting and now it's 70F.  Global weirding at its finest.

I missed all my sewing friends who were at retreat last weekend. Maybe I can get wait-listed again for next year.

On Tuesday the 15th my new BFF arrived.  OMG I love this phone!!!!  Now you need to know that I have had the same phone (a Motorola Razr) since 2006 (I thought it was 2002 but checked on Wiki and the Razr wasn't made until 2006--fact-checking seems to be a dying art in the media...anyway where was I....).
Texting with my old phone was time-consuming, to put it lightly, with the standard phone keypad (but I did it with proper punctuation because I'm a grammar nerd!). So I decided to jump into the whole smartphone scene.

I am now crazy obsessed with my new toy and its inky black screen
and I just love that it came in its own cute little sarcophagus (am I the only person that was reminded of sarcophagi when this arrived?  wonder what the Apple marketing people would think???)  

This whole smartphone thing is great (yes I know everyone else on the planet already knows this...).  It's like having a little personal assistant. I wanted to name my new assistant iVan (get it iVan the iPhone haha! I crack myself up) or maybe iGor (pronounced eye-gore) but S. thought that was just silly. OK please tell me someone else out there has a name for their smartphone...
Of course having this phone probably means I'll just be taking even more photos of the cats.  I'm such a nerd.

But a nerd with apps!

hipstamatic app


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

HA HA, Your post has me laughing out loud! Its good to have you back! I got my iPhone almost a year ago and my husband is an iHater so I have had to love it in private. He bugs me every time I even answer a call (I think he is jealous really) that I do not even know how to fully use it yet. In fact, I just found out a month ago how to turn it off. I know I am not alone on this however as everyone I asked whom has one, "How do I turn off my phone"? They all looked at me like I was crazy and replied, "Why would you want to turn it off"?
I have not named my phone, but I think it is a good idea. Maybe iDas. I just googled it and Idas is the name of an argonaut which is someone on a dangerous path that could lead to glory - or according to mythology, was a greek hero in search of the golden fleece. iDas - works for me!

CINDI said...

Hope this means that I will see you tomorrow at Thimbles. Seems like it has been forever since we sewed together. You have been missed.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Welcome back . . .

ototoo: what you call out when you can't find your ballerina outfit?

Waytogojb said...

Ive been missing your posts. Sorry to hear about the plumbing problems. Enjoy getting to know your new ifriend.

dianne said...

if i HAD a smartphone, i would DEFINITELY name him (he would have to be male cuz i KNOW he would give me trouble) cuz i NAME things ... but i have a regular old land line, and the phone attached to it has a CORD that limits my mobility - which is INTENTIONAL (i do NOT like talking to someone who is wandering around, flushing toilets or taking showers - it annoys me - and i KNOW that i would be one of THOSE people if i had a cordless phone)

Gari said...

Welcome to the iWorld. I got mine in November and love it. I had a Blackberry, which I hated from the day I got it, but this is much more fun. I have an iPad and so I call my phone my mini-me.

Michele said...

Too funny! I had a the same phone before I got an iPhone 4 too!! Isn't the difference amazing!! An Otter Box, keeps mine from breaking, hopefully, if it falls on the floor because I love it! Congratulations! We are i people, as I type on my iPad!

A Quilter Awakens said...

I have been thinking of upgrading my phone. I will be "watching" you.

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

That photo of all your kitties curled up together is just priceless. Great that you thought to snap a photo before one of them jumped off. Of course, none of them look like they're going anywhere anytime soon!