Monday, February 21, 2011

A Monday Post

Mondays always come around too soon.  Today is President's Day so at least traffic wasn't bad this AM.  Here's a couple of blocks I finished this weekend. 

The second block for the Bunny Hill's BOM Henrietta Whiskers

No, your eyes aren't blurry, I think the photo is blurry.

Must have been a Stella-assisted photo when she decides to paw at me while I'm trying to do something.

I hope to finish the top for this month's Le Petite project. February is rapidly getting away from me.  Here's the sawtooth star blocks made at Thimbles on Saturday. The pattern is a Schnibble called "Sweet Spot".

This week is a really busy week for me at work. Wish it was Friday already! 

1 comment:

Gari said...

I didn't realize that we were doing Henrietta in the same colors. So, of course, your's looks great, too! ;-)