Sunday, August 1, 2010

Of BLOTs and Blueberries

Well it's another scorcher of a weekend (week, month, summer) here in the ATL. I am staying inside where it is much too hot to clean house but tolerable to sew all day. After getting the electric bill last month, I bumped the A/C up (?) down(?) whatever it is to 80F.

Along with lots more sewing now during this one-job time, I do a lot more cooking and baking (still to hot to clean house though...). The Stella Bella Organics Recession Garden: Year Two is looking rather heat-blasted except for the tomatoes which are coming in pretty steady. The catnip is even too dry to eat so no catnip for Gomez.

One of my absolute favorite meals in the summer is BLOTs. Now you may be familiar with plain old BLTs (bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches). Here in Georgia, one of our state specialties is Vidalia onions. The best onion on the planet! It's a sweet onion only grown in south Georgia and its name is trademarked. Hence BLOTs--bacon, lettuce, onion, and tomato sandwiches. Here's my version
Cook bacon until done but not too crispy. Slice up a Vidalia onion into thin slices. Slice a tomato into rounds. I used a yellow tomato fresh from the garden. Make sure you use good bread and toast it. Layer bread, bacon, lettuce, onion, and tomato. Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. And voila! Dinner or lunch or breakfast. I like to eat it while the bread is still warm. I don't use mayo or butter but I guess you can if you must...

I love this little bright lime green cutting board! It's made from recycled plastics (mostly toothbrushes! Check out the link for a cool company that recycles toothbrushes. No affiliation, I just like the company. And yes, they make good toothbrushes too) I like this little size for cutting up one or two things. Found it at Target if you need one.

Another summer kitchen activity is putting up fruits and veggies for later. I found some wonderful Michigan blueberries at Whole Foods on sale so bought a bunch for freezing (blueberries don't grow very well in Georgia). Wash the berries, dry for awhile, spread them out in a single layer in a baking pan or sheet (with sides!!! Don't think that berries that don't roll when fresh will stay un-rolly...), and stick in the freezer. Wait until frozen. I like to measure out in 1 cup portion and put in little baggies, then put all the little baggies in a big freezer bag, label and date.
Little frozen bursts of Michigan ready to be made into pies later. I feel so much like Judy at Patchwork Times right now! Do you read her blog? Love it--she always makes me laugh.

OK off to more sewing. I should have a finish later today woo hoo! In the meantime, check out Karin's killer scrappy Scrappy Nines quilt. It's gorgeous!


Karin said...

Thannk you for the compliment! I had to go out this morning-would you believe water main water, for maybe 8 hours. It is Africa hot out there. I am back to work on another project. New Quilr Room block is in.

Linda said...

Your BLOT looks awesome!! I am going to try one soon.

Cathi said...

The BLOT sounds like something DH would love! Might even have to find some Vidalia onion and make him one. :-)
There is nothing like fresh blueberries in the summer.