Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nearly Mid-Week Randomness

Oh I wish it was Friday!! Not much happening around here. Morpheus is doing much better and I haven't told him that he gets to go back to the vet on Friday (another car ride!). The vet wants to make sure Morph's tooth extraction site is healing OK. Morph is much too clever for his own good and it has been series of tricks to get him to take his antibiotic (liquid and yucky tasting I'm sure).

Gomez is waiting for the next quilt project. I need to work on my jelly roll BOMs and Scrappy Nines so look for more Gomez helping fun soon.

We have been eating vats of homemade salsa.
Another great use for Vidalia onions and tomatoes! Just chop up tomatoes (these are Romas and yellow-ones-I-don't-know-the-name-of and I leave the seeds out), onions, jalapeno peppers (de-seed these too), fresh cilantro, sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and just a smidge of a smidge of sugar. Mix well and let sit for a bit for the flavors to meld. Eat tons with tortilla chips because it's veggies and good for you! Still no rain here so I don't know how much longer the tomatoes will continue.

I keep forgetting to post a photo of my make-do bird bath for Becky (Quilting Booklady). If you look close (and ignore the fact that I took this from inside the house), there is a robin splashing around in there. S. created this bird bath by stacking some large clay pots and 2 clay saucers. Easy to clean and fill. No cost because we already had the pots. We have seen lots of bluebirds, robins, blue jays, and even squirrels splashing around.
My cats are inside-only cats so they enjoy watching from the windows.

Randomness over and out!


Cathi said...

Pilling or otherwise giving a cat medicine can be a challenge! Lester has to have 3 or 4 pills daily and there are days when it's a real battle of wills.
Hope Morpheus' vet visit on Friday is quick and uneventful.

Pat said...

Love that birdbath idea!

Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

Poor Morph...I hope he feels better soon!!! Love the salsa...I am living in salsa heaven right now, but yours looks so yummy. Now I want some.

Missed you and I hope to be back to visiting more often. I can not wait to get back to sewing...if I can ever get my machine out here. I am sew in need of stitching time.