Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sewing with Gomez

It must have been Gomez's turn to be kitty quilt helper today.
Here he is helping me figure out borders for a quilt. What length should they be? I have no idea since someone is covering the display and sitting on the pattern.

The sewing project for this weekend was finishing up my Little Quilts Second Saturday Sampler 2009-2010. I have had the 12 blocks done and the finishing kit since February. Time to get it done. The setting needed 13 blocks and LQ sent a pattern for the optional 13th block. Here is the fabric I chose out of my stash.
I finished sewing all the sashing and rows yesterday. Today was finishing sewing the top together and adding borders.
Measure fast!!

This quilt is set on the diagonal with setting triangles and bias on the outside. Pat taught us at Silver Thimble Quilt Club to #1 respect the bias and don't mess with it too much and #2 measure your quilt in three places then take the average to determine the length of your borders. (See Pat, we do listen sometimes!)
When Gomez is helping, you also need to take the square root of the hypotenuse plus or minus the circumference of Gomez divided by the inverse proportion (it's that "new math" they are always talking about).
And here is the finished top!!!! S. is being a wonderful quilt holder (and yes this is another square quilt which is not his favorite shape for quilts).

I always LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Quilts' Saturday Samplers. They always pick the best fabrics and have well written foolproof directions. I ordered this one through the mail because it was cheaper than driving across metro ATL (plus that extra buying in the shop...). I am reluctantly passing up this year's Sat. Sampler because I have a lot of BOMs going on this year. I have the binding made and I bet there's a perfect backing for this quilt somewhere in the depths of my sewing room. I may actually quilt this myself.

Well this was a good start to August!


sewprimitive karen said...

Gomez looks in that first photo like, do NOT take these tools away from me I like them. Nice mathematical-complexities, Gomez! Your SSS looks good, Gretchen!

Karin said...

Good job finishing up the sampler. The guys are always so very helpful. Love the quilt

Carol said...

I knew I should have paid more attention in all those math classes in high school...LOL! Your quilt is gorgeous!

Micki said...

Beautiful quilt...glad that you had a helper.

Susan said...

Why is it that cats like to be right in the middle of what you're working on? I love your quilt!

Cathi said...

What is it about measuring tapes and cats? Glad you had such a wonderful helper.

Brenda said...

Your quilt looks great. I think I need to borrow Gomez and see if he can help me get some thingsfinished.