Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

I seem to have talked some more quilters into joining the New Year's Eve Mystery quilt over at Hooray! I decided to follow Bonnie's fabric choices for my mystery quilt. Unfortunately, it was not hard to pull a zillion fabrics from my stash:
These are all fat quarters or part fat quarters. I may not have enough of the cheddar/gold but I definitely have enough of the other colors.Where did I get all these pinks when I don't like pink?????? It's going to be nice to use up some of this reproduction fabric so I can buy I mean so I can reduce my stash. I don't know if I will start cutting tonight but at least I have the fabric ready.

I am looking forward to staying in tonight for New Year's. S. and I are going to watch a movie and snack on my mom's super-duper party mix (called Scrabble in my family. I don't know why. Anyone have any guesses?)
Everyone have a fun and happy New Year's Eve!


Living on the Spit said...

That scrabble looks so yummy! I like the name of it too.

I like your color choices. You have a good eye for palette and I am eager to see your progress.


Becky said...

Love your fabric choices for the new mystery quilt. I'm sitting this one out. I'll print out the directions, but will wait on starting a new project. We had grilled steak and salad for dinner. Waiting for the LSU game to begin.

I have some cheddar if you need more fabric :)

Silver Thimble Talk said...

Great fabbies Gretch..Have fun! I'll watch this one from the sidelines. In my family it is called "Nuts and Bolts"..I love the stuff.