Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

Happy (official) first day of winter. I'm catching up on blog reading and love all the snow photos. Wish it were snowing here (sorry Karin!) Since it went from mid- to high 60s yesterday to windy and cold today, it might as well snow.

Yesterday was a fun time at the cookie swap. It was the first official gathering of Pat's new Silver Thimble Quilt Club. I need to explain some backstory (if you want to skip the story, just scroll down to cookie photo, I won't mind).

For the past 4 years, Pat was the "Sister Superior" for our Stitch n' Sisters sewing group at the LQS. Well the LQS, Stitch n' Quilt, closed this month and we needed a new place to go. Pat started up the sewing group again and we are meeting at a fellowship hall now. This group is the best ever. On the 3rd weekend of every month, we get a 5-hour sewing time (Friday day, Friday evening or Saturday day) and we can purchase a quilt kit (at a discount) or work on our own projects or work on past projects. There are about 60 of us spread across the three meetings and I am so happy to get back sewing with everyone after a few month hiatus. In honor of our newly reformed group, Karin has anointed Pat with the title "Most High Exalted Thimble". Check out Karin's blog for photos of our first project starting in January. Melisa, The Wonderful, owner of Sweet Home Quilt Co. is providing kits for this quarter so ya know they are going to be great and we'll all have to buy them (pssst: Melisa offers an online discount to bloggers, how cool is that!).

So here are the cookies I brought to the cookie swap: Andes Mint Chip Cookies.
I discovered Andes mint chips last year and hunted them down again this year (found at Super Target). They are so yummy! Don't you just love Andes dinner mints? This recipe is on the back of the package. So have a cup of coffee, enjoy some cookies, and send some snow this way.


Silver Thimble Talk said...

Well said Gretch...Yahoo Silver Thimble Club is on the move!!! I tasted one of those cookies...dang they are wonderful. Now I'm going to have to hunt down the chips.

I'm so thrilled about the club launch I can't even put it into words.


Becky said...

I ate one of those cookies too! They were terrific. Gosh, now I'm beginning to obsess about making a batch. Super Taget will be wild today! Wish I had know yesterday when I was at Super Target :)

Our club has launched. Praise Be!!!!

Happy Holidays to you!

Simply This and That said...

Merry Christmas Gretchen! Hope you have a Wonderful New Year! ooxx`jodi

Living on the Spit said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog! I just LOVE to have new visitors!!! Welcome.

I am a new quilter who has a deep background into clothing sewing and heirloom for kids...smocking, embroidery, etc...I love quilting more.

I will be checking out the sites you mentioned and I may even sew along with you guys!

That is so funny about the Andes neighbor brought me some of the same recipe last night. I will think of you too when I have another yummy cookie!

It was really nice to meet you.