Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Elf is Done

Yikes I didn't realize that it had been a week since I last posted. Bad bad blogger! I had a really busy week trying to get Christmas and Hanukkah obligations done and attended some parties and oh yeah worked...
I finished my handmade presents (woo hoo) last night--before midnight--even better! I had four helper-kitty elves assisting with the present wrapping. Oh we had fun.

Example: Kitty elf #1: Let's take this ribbon and rruuuuunnnnn!

Kitty elf #2: No even better let's eat this ribbon Yum!

Me: Let's not eat ribbon. Here play with the tape. Haha tape on your paw.

(Repeat. And shred some paper for good measure.)
Kitty elf #3: Here I'll get cat hair on this present before you send it.
Kitty elf #4: I'm not getting out of this box, you can't make me!
So with all that help, the box of gifts were mailed this morning (kitty elf #4 not included; cat hair probably a little). I baked a couple of batches of cookies for a cookie swap. And now I am trying to catch up on some emails, blog reading, laundry, and housecleaning. Tomorrow, I'll report on baking and the cookie swap.


Catherine said...

What's a gift without a little kitty hair as an added bonus? :-)
I'm still working on the last of the gifts I'm trying to have done in time!!

Karin said...

Quilts with cat hair included is a given and besides it adds to the originality and uniqueness of the gift!Recipients should know the gift has the kitty seal of approval-much better than the good housekeeping seal-it is more personal.