Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! There was a great article about the history of Boxing Day in the NY Times today. I think America should adopt this holiday too. Everyone needs an extra holiday.

Speaking of all things British (not a smooth segue but oh well), I watched the first few episodes of the British comedy "Jeeves & Wooster" last week and am waiting for more episodes to appear via Netflix.
I love British comedy (Monty Python and AbFab are my favs) and this series is funny as can be (besides I love me some Hugh Laurie!). If you like wry, dry humor, you will love this series. I'm going to add the P.D. Wodehouse books to my long list of books to read.

I did end up crashing yesterday and fell asleep watching TV in the late afternoon. Dinner was leftovers from Xmas Eve and that's about the level of excitement for Christmas here. Today, I am avoiding the sales and sewing until I leave to work at SBux tonight. It's cool and rainy and dreary outside so it's been a lounging kind of day. The cats are all sleeping (Gomez is even snoring LOL!)

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