Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Hooray for a new year!! 2008 was getting to be a bit much to deal with don't you agree? It just kind of fell apart near the end. Here's hoping that everything will be better in 2009. I looked at my quilt-related resolutions from last year and sure enough, not one accomplished. We are just going to roll those over to this year (kinda like cell phone minutes).

I really really really am going to finish up some UFOs this year. The number of projects in bags is crazy and needs to be cut down. This will also help clean up my sewing space so it doesn't looks like San Francisco after the Great Earthquake of 1906.

And I'm going to finish making all those jelly roll quilts that Karin and I are working on from our favorite book "Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam and Nicky Lintott. (PS: my mom is hooked on this book now too hee hee!)

I'm going to support my favorite LQS's (Sweet Home Quilt Co. and my favs in Michigan) as much as possible. Gotta make sure the shop owners keep buying new stuff to tempt us. When the economy is tough, it is so important to support small businesses (PS: and Starbucks!)

I realized that I missed my blog-iversary but it comes at a crazy time (Dec. 19). I will do a giveaway sometime soon to celebrate a year plus of blogging.

I also want to thank all the fabulous bloggers that I have met this past year!!!! Y'all have inspired me with your creativity, made me laugh and smile--especially at the posts about your pets (Rembrandt gets a special shout out for being so darn cute and silly), and were gracious enough to comment on my ramblings. Blogging and bloggers have become a fun part of my life and I can't wait to see what everyone is up to in 2009. Thank you again and hope everyone is spending the day exactly how they want to (sewing!!!!)!


sewprimitive karen said...

Happy New Year, Gretchen! Thank you for mentioning my precious darling Rembrandt, who is sitting on my lap at the moment biting my arm for some unknown reason. Yes, you talked me into doing Bonnie's Mystery. Your fabric picks are wonderful.

Carol said...

A very Happy New Year to you Gretchen! Absolutely, do the things you love on New Year's's the perfect way to start the year!

Simone de Klerk said...

Blogland has become a fun part in my life too, even though it does sometimes (often) keep me from doing other things that are important. I still have to find a balance in it. Love your coice of fabrics! The pink ones are yummy (my favorite color!) I don't think I can find together that much, but will be trying! Have a very creative year (c:

Michelle said...

LOL...I like that...I have rollover UFO's too! I'm seriously going to concentrate of UFO's in 2009 too!

I'm happy and thankful for all my new blog friends too! Here's looking to a fun and productive New Year!!

Silver Thimble Talk said...

Well you know I went kickin and screamin into blog land and I'm glad I did...My blog, my family, my friends, my silver thimbles...those are the roll overs for me from 2008 to 2009...It's going to be a great year!