Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gift cards

Did anyone receive gift cards for the holidays? I know a few of my lucky friends received gift certificates to Sweet Home Quilt Co. Since S. thinks I have WAY too much fabric, a gift certificate to a quilt shop was nowhere on his list of things to buy me. I did get a Barnes & Noble gift card though and since I wanted just about every book in the store, it took me awhile to pick something out. I decided to get a book I probably wouldn't buy myself but that I have been eyeing every since Martha mentioned it on her show. I love cookbooks--I read them like regular books and often check them out of the library. I especially love to bake and this book is a delight to read and look at the gorgeous photos. Although a baking book goes directly against one of my goals to lose weight this year. Guess I'll have to bake and take stuff to work and Starbucks.


Karin said...

I got 2 gift cards to Sweet Home and I spent one of them plus yesterday for stuff for the Fl workshop. AND I even came home and did the prep work!!!
If the sun does not come out soon, I think I am going to go completely crazy (as oppoosed to my current crazy level). The guys all love their new toys They want to again thank Aunt Gretchen!

Amanda said...

My sons gave me a book token for Christmas, and, like you, it always takes me ages to choose what to buy. It's such fun browsing. Cookery books and quilting books are like travel books - you don't have to go there to enjoy reading them!

Becky said...

You can also bring your baked items to our sewing sessions :) Have a safe trip home.