Thursday, January 15, 2009

A mental health day

I called in sick to my day job today because I have had a headache since last Tuesday when my truck was stolen and I really needed some rest and some time away from people and some peace and quiet for a bit. I have been really angry for a week now and need to get away from all that. My truck is repairable and the insurance will take care of it after I fill out tons of paperwork and pay my deductible ($500 thank you very much!). But I am just mad that someone out there decided to take my truck for a joyride and to steal other people's stuff and cost me lots of time and money. And cause me to be mad as hell for over a week now. I work two jobs and pay my bills and eight years ago I bought this truck new and it was the first new vehicle I ever had. And soon I will get it back fixed but always knowing that someone took her and drove her badly and it just makes me mad. I also will have to get a car alarm for it because I will have to park in the same deck everyday and if I don't, the thieves could just take it again.

I went on Monday to the impound lot and got my belongings out of the truck. The interior was a mess--dirty and spilled drinks--papers and maps from my glove box all over the place and random other people's stolen things (a car stereo, CDs, a checkbook, junk) in it. The ignition, steering column, door handle, front tire and rim, back bumper, and various other small things were damaged and will be fixed. I am over this now and back to better things on this blog (knock on wood).

I thought I would finish posting some photos from my New Year's trip to DC. Better things to think about.

There is a statue of Ulysses S. Grant on a horse surrounded by 4 lions that overlooks the Capitol. I loved these lions--a vision of noble grace and courage.
Here is the Capitol building on a beautiful day--look at that blue sky! Work was still being done on the stands where President-Elect Obama will be sworn in next week. You can see Grant's statue in the right foreground.

We walked Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House and saw all the viewing stands and bleachers being set up for the Inauguration.

Here is President-Elect Obama's viewing stand for the parade under construction. This must be the most photographed bunch of plywood and construction workers in the US since everyone else was taking photos too.

There is the White House in the background. In my mind (only in my mind cause it was cold), I threw a bunch of shoes over the fence. Take that and good riddance! (Ooops need to watch that whole anger issue).

This is the Hay-Adams Hotel where the Obama family is staying until today when they get to move into Blair House. I'm in a better mood now are you?


CINDI said...

Everything will seem much better after a sewing spell with the friends. Haven't had my car stolen before but have had it broken into twice and saying it is an awful feeling doesn't begin to touch how you feel. So sorry you and Xena have had to go through this.

Karin said...

I am glad your mood is improving-mental health days are good AND the day after tomoorw is Thimbles....can you hardly wait? I am so ready for it.
I wonder how we get CINDI to update her blog????

Mary said...

Mental Health Days are always good!!! Sorry to hear about your car...glad you got it back. Start sewing you will feel much better! Quilting Hugs, Mary

Nancy said...

I was so sorry to read your truck story -- what a bummer! I've not had this experience either but I know it would make me feel dirty and used.

LOVED your DC photos!

word verification is porkawde which may be a fancy name for the parade viewing stand

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear about your truck, but a sewing day will definitely make you feel better.

Living on the Spit said...

Let go and breathe...even though it was not a good situation you can not let bad people have power.

Sending love and support to you!


Amanda said...

I know just how you feel, our car was stolen about two years ago and when we got it back it was damaged and trashed and needed lots of repair work and cleaning. I just wanted to get hold of those thieves and give them a good slap and let them know how I felt. And the cost! Ours was missing for three months and we had to pay for a rental car that the insurance wouldn't cover.

kristie said...

The pics are great and so clear!! Good to see you yesterday...and Xena will recover ;o) kristie