Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!!!

Today has been an incredible, momentous day. I took a personal day to stay home and watch the Inauguration with S. (and the cats--who napped through most of it). What an amazing day!
(photo courtesy of CNN.com) No matter who you voted for, you have got to be proud of our country seeing millions of people cheering and smiling. It was fun seeing all the places I visited just a couple of weeks ago. In honor of a day staying home, watching TV, and staying wrapped up in quilts (it's freezing here in the ATL), I brought out some special coffee.
Pike Place Special Reserve that you can only get at the original Starbucks in Pike Place in Seattle. This is some awesome coffee. A nice bold roast, great for celebrating.
I also enjoyed some time sewing while watching the Inaugural parade. I finished the top for my Valentine's Day table topper. The pattern is "Holiday Charm" by Bloom Creek. The fabric is Moda from a year (or two?) ago.
I hope I'll get this quilted and on the table before next month. I am now working on the borders for E.'s flannel quilt and hope to get that finished this week.
PS: check out the new White House website. Very cool! And with a blog too!


Carol said...

It truly was an incredible day!

Catherine said...

We were glued to the television from early this morning. How exciting for you in the U.S. and us, your northern neighbours!

abi said...

hey you!
thanks 4 the GRT read! ha ha (Leisure world)
so did u hear that your author "food matters" was on npr this morning?
and sbux

Brenda said...

Love the table topper. You should have experienced watching the inauguration in an elementary school and seeing the reaction of the students.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Nope, you can also get Pike Place in Birmingham, Alabama Starbucks. I've had it. It's the only Starbuck's blend I've had that I like, and I REALLY like it.
I love that quilt.

Quiltcetera said...

I love your table topper! Are those a few Sandy Gervais Moda fabrics in there? Very nice choices. Hope you get it all done in time!