Saturday, September 29, 2012

September's Schnibble: Speck

Stella photobombs just about every quilt photo session around here.  But that's OK 'cause she's pretty cute. 
I finished up the top for this month's Another Year of Schnibbles this afternoon.  This was a fun and immensely cutemous quilt to make.  The pattern is "Speck" from Miss Rosie's new line of "Little Bites" patterns made from 2 1/2" squares.  
I used a bundle of scraps that I won eons ago from Cloud 9 fabrics.  This is an older collection called "Forest Friends" and it's their organic cotton flannel.   I have enough left over to make a scrappy back and binding.   The sashing and borders are a regular cotton solid (Moda Bella or Kona--don't know which. I usually try to write on the edge of solids the manufacturer and color but forgot to on this piece.)  Can't wait for the parade this month. I've seen some adorable versions around the internets. Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of September.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Savannah Trip

 Well I am still two weeks behind on everything so I'll go ahead and post photos of my Savannah trip from two weeks ago :)

S. and I escaped for the weekend (Sept. 7th-Sept. 9th) for a very relaxing trip to Savannah.  

It was the best kind of trip, no where to be at a certain time, no place in particular to go, we have both been to Savannah numerous times so it was fun to just walk around and enjoy the end-of-summer weather and eat lots of good food. 

Savannah is the most walkable place in Georgia.  

I think it one of the prettiest places too. 

River Street

Gen. James Oglethorpe monument in Chippewa Square

 Savannah is famous in recent pop culture as the location for movies, books, ghost tours, food, famous people on the Food Channel, St. Patrick's Day green beer festival, etc. etc.

Savannah is also famous among architectural history and urban planning geeks for its historic plan (1733) that is laid out into squares. 
This is one of the best aspects of Savannah in my opinion. 

 Along with amazing architecture. 

Congregation Mickve Israel (est. 1733, building dates to 1878)
Savannah Row Houses

Colonial Cemetery (est. 1750)
Colonial Cemetery 
This ice cream is TO DIE FOR!!!  Coffee Chocolate Chip with Hot Fudge

One of my favorite houses

Saturday, September 15, 2012

At Last, Some Quilty Content

I figured out today that I am approximately 2 weeks behind on everything.  Except laundry and taking care of the cats.  Everything else...

...fuggit about it

I do have a few blocks to show.  Not much in the way of completed quilts lately.

Today, I did catch up with the Grandmother's Choice Block of the Week.

Block #2 was Amethyst.  Look fast and move on 'cause this block is all kinds of wonky.  This is my second attempt and I am unhappy with it but even more unhappy at the thought of trying again.  Like I said move along...

Today's block was Union Square:  Red for Rebellion.  I liked the thought of a splash of red (and a bit of rebellion) in my quilt so I make it in red and white small prints.

Red little prints always make me think of my friend Sarah, No Blog. (waving to you Sarah)

Yesterday's mail brought the Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month. I always like to do these right away so I don't get behind.  Usually the day the block arrive.  This is block 4.  I can't believe it's block 4 already.  I better get a jump on that finishing kit...

 I had cut all the fabrics for this month's Schnibbles project (well really it's a Little Bites pattern), but had not started sewing.

Here is one block done.  It is so cute and tiny, you just want to kiss it. MWAH!

Here's some more hexies for the Hexy Quilt Along.  I have about half of them done.  These are fun to sew in the car on long trips and while watching TV.  I really am hooked on English paper-piecing now.

And if you made it all the way down here.  Here's some gratuitous Remy toes .

Friday, September 7, 2012

Patrick McDonnell's New Book

Long time readers of my blog may remember that Mutts! and Patrick McDonnell's books are among my most favorite things EVER.  I wrote a review of his book Me...Jane last year.   And in 2008, I saw him speak at the Decatur Book Festival.

Two Saturdays ago, September 1st, Patrick was once again a featured speaker at this year's Decatur Book Festival discussing his new book called The Monsters' Monster.

The book is just magically wonderful.   All of his art is magically wonderful.

Patrick talking about the character Stinky Pudding
Patrick spoke twice at the festival, first at the Children's Stage, where he drew Mutt's characters and read his new book.  (He was under a tent and the photos didn't turn out very well.  I didn't want to use a flash because I figured it would be distracting.)

Patrick McDonnell drawing Earl
The best thing about author's talks at the Children's Stage are the questions by the kids.  Adorable, honest, open questions.  Too cute.  All of you that have kids know this but it's always new to me.

After the book reading, there was a book signing.  I had my copy of The Monsters' Monster signed and a collection of the Mutts comics called The Best of Mutts. I also was able to tell Patrick how much joy his comic strip brings to my everyday life.

Love. This. Book!

Look he drew a little Mooch for me!!!

I did not ask him to sing the Little Pink Sock song for me.

Although I really wanted too.

Of course we had to buy a copy of The Monsters' Monster for my niece Mackenzie.  S. asked Patrick for a special inscription and Patrick added a great drawing of the Monster.  Wow!  How cool is that?!?!

I've had a "monster" thing going with Mackenzie ever since she was wee tiny little.  I am probably the only person to buy a sweet baby girl a Tim Burtonish-onesie (see here).  And when she was less than a year old, I taught her to make all kinds of monster noises (cause that's how this aunt rolls).

Anyway, I can't wait to see her (next month!) and give her the special book!  And we can read it and make monster noises all week.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Remy's Box: FQS Version

Astute on-line shoppers will note that Remy's current favorite box is from Fat Quarter Shop.

Thanks Kimberly for sending Remy a box (p.s. there may have been some fabric in it too but let's not talk about that).

Monday, September 3, 2012


Edited:  apparently these following words were lost when I posted this in the middle of the night from my iPhone.

My dear beloved Morpheus passed away one year ago today. 

My grief is still raw and painful.
For 17 years he was always there for me & I miss him every day. 

Labor Day 2012

Happy Labor Day everyone in the U.S.! Hope you are enjoying a day off.  I have part of a day off and then I am off to Starbucks this evening.

I did get a bit of sewing in this morning before doing some long-neglected housework.

Here is the first block for Barbara Brackman's new Block of the Week "Grandmother's Choice: Votes for Women."  The block is called Grandmother's Choice.  I decided to make the quilt in the colors associated with the women's suffrage movement--green, purple, and white.  Since purple and green are my two of my favorite colors, I have no shortage of fabric in my stash for this quilt.
I also made Block 3 of the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt.  Love these cheery, clear, bright colors.  
I did finish my third gift quilt in time for my friend's 50th birthday.  She has worked with me at Starbucks for years and is the best pet sitter around.  Cats and dogs just adore her.  My cats love having her cat sit; I don't think they miss us very much when she does.   I had a bunch of this fabric line with cats and coffee motifs. I don't remember the name of it.  Had the top done eons ago (I think the pattern is Turning 20 Again) and then eureka!  perfect gift for my dear friend's birthday.  
I quilted it myself in a straight line design.  Quilting is not my favorite part of the process and this quilt was bigger than I like to tackle on my own.  But it is done and gifted and made with love.   Here is the back so you can see the cat & coffee theme.  
Remy has been taking up a lot of blog space as of late so it's Edgar Poe's turn now.  I caught this funny photo with my iPhone. I just love his looooooong whiskers.