Sunday, September 23, 2012

Savannah Trip

 Well I am still two weeks behind on everything so I'll go ahead and post photos of my Savannah trip from two weeks ago :)

S. and I escaped for the weekend (Sept. 7th-Sept. 9th) for a very relaxing trip to Savannah.  

It was the best kind of trip, no where to be at a certain time, no place in particular to go, we have both been to Savannah numerous times so it was fun to just walk around and enjoy the end-of-summer weather and eat lots of good food. 

Savannah is the most walkable place in Georgia.  

I think it one of the prettiest places too. 

River Street

Gen. James Oglethorpe monument in Chippewa Square

 Savannah is famous in recent pop culture as the location for movies, books, ghost tours, food, famous people on the Food Channel, St. Patrick's Day green beer festival, etc. etc.

Savannah is also famous among architectural history and urban planning geeks for its historic plan (1733) that is laid out into squares. 
This is one of the best aspects of Savannah in my opinion. 

 Along with amazing architecture. 

Congregation Mickve Israel (est. 1733, building dates to 1878)
Savannah Row Houses

Colonial Cemetery (est. 1750)
Colonial Cemetery 
This ice cream is TO DIE FOR!!!  Coffee Chocolate Chip with Hot Fudge

One of my favorite houses


Karmen Sunshine said...

I love Savannah, but have not been in quite a while. Next time I go I am looking up that ice cream shop! Karmen

sunny said...

I've only been to Savannah once, but I loved it! And I loved the pralines on River Street! Glad you had such a good time.

sewprimitive karen said...

Cool photos; wouldn't it be great to have an old four-story house like that!