Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Happy Labor Day everyone in the U.S.! Hope you are enjoying a day off.  I have part of a day off and then I am off to Starbucks this evening.

I did get a bit of sewing in this morning before doing some long-neglected housework.

Here is the first block for Barbara Brackman's new Block of the Week "Grandmother's Choice: Votes for Women."  The block is called Grandmother's Choice.  I decided to make the quilt in the colors associated with the women's suffrage movement--green, purple, and white.  Since purple and green are my two of my favorite colors, I have no shortage of fabric in my stash for this quilt.
I also made Block 3 of the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt.  Love these cheery, clear, bright colors.  
I did finish my third gift quilt in time for my friend's 50th birthday.  She has worked with me at Starbucks for years and is the best pet sitter around.  Cats and dogs just adore her.  My cats love having her cat sit; I don't think they miss us very much when she does.   I had a bunch of this fabric line with cats and coffee motifs. I don't remember the name of it.  Had the top done eons ago (I think the pattern is Turning 20 Again) and then eureka!  perfect gift for my dear friend's birthday.  
I quilted it myself in a straight line design.  Quilting is not my favorite part of the process and this quilt was bigger than I like to tackle on my own.  But it is done and gifted and made with love.   Here is the back so you can see the cat & coffee theme.  
Remy has been taking up a lot of blog space as of late so it's Edgar Poe's turn now.  I caught this funny photo with my iPhone. I just love his looooooong whiskers.   


A Quilter Awakens said...

Good work Gretchen! Your friend will love her cat-sitting-appreciation-and-turning-50 birthday quilt. I can hear the purrs from here. Karmen

dianne said...

ooooooo!!! thanks for the link to the new block of the week! women's suffrage should be near and dear to all of our hearts, right?!?

Edgar Poe DOES have long whiskers - is it true what they say about cat's whiskers being as long as their bodies are wide? would that make him a fatty catty?

happy 50th to your friend! this has been a big year for birthdays ending with "0" around here, too...

sunny said...

Beautiful blocks! I love Edgar Poe. He does deserve some time in the spotlight.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my gosh Gretchen! I'm doing the new Barbara Brackman BOW too. I love your block, I know I left a comment cause I really liked the colors and your placement of the stripes. I've never done a BOW before and I hope I can keep up, LOL. Big Hugs...