Friday, September 7, 2012

Patrick McDonnell's New Book

Long time readers of my blog may remember that Mutts! and Patrick McDonnell's books are among my most favorite things EVER.  I wrote a review of his book Me...Jane last year.   And in 2008, I saw him speak at the Decatur Book Festival.

Two Saturdays ago, September 1st, Patrick was once again a featured speaker at this year's Decatur Book Festival discussing his new book called The Monsters' Monster.

The book is just magically wonderful.   All of his art is magically wonderful.

Patrick talking about the character Stinky Pudding
Patrick spoke twice at the festival, first at the Children's Stage, where he drew Mutt's characters and read his new book.  (He was under a tent and the photos didn't turn out very well.  I didn't want to use a flash because I figured it would be distracting.)

Patrick McDonnell drawing Earl
The best thing about author's talks at the Children's Stage are the questions by the kids.  Adorable, honest, open questions.  Too cute.  All of you that have kids know this but it's always new to me.

After the book reading, there was a book signing.  I had my copy of The Monsters' Monster signed and a collection of the Mutts comics called The Best of Mutts. I also was able to tell Patrick how much joy his comic strip brings to my everyday life.

Love. This. Book!

Look he drew a little Mooch for me!!!

I did not ask him to sing the Little Pink Sock song for me.

Although I really wanted too.

Of course we had to buy a copy of The Monsters' Monster for my niece Mackenzie.  S. asked Patrick for a special inscription and Patrick added a great drawing of the Monster.  Wow!  How cool is that?!?!

I've had a "monster" thing going with Mackenzie ever since she was wee tiny little.  I am probably the only person to buy a sweet baby girl a Tim Burtonish-onesie (see here).  And when she was less than a year old, I taught her to make all kinds of monster noises (cause that's how this aunt rolls).

Anyway, I can't wait to see her (next month!) and give her the special book!  And we can read it and make monster noises all week.

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