Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mutts YESH!

On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to meet one of the people I admire most on the planet--Patrick McDonnell, the comic artist who does "Mutts" comic strip. Since 1994, I have read every single comic strip and collected all his books (I have T-shirts and calendars too). It's corny but "Mutts" really touches my soul. Any other major "Mutts" fans out there??? If you are not familiar with "Mutts" check it out for yourself here http://www.muttscomics.com/

Anyway, on Sunday I went to the Decatur Book Festival to hear Patrick read his new children's book South (there were more adults in the audience than kids LOL!). He drew some of the main characters from the comic strip:


and Mooch
Here's Patrick "reading" his new book (there's no words so it was more of Patrick explaining the story and the art).

After the talk, he signed books so I now have a signed copy of South and Shelter Stories and I got to say thanks to a great artist who adds a little cheer to every day.


suepinio said...

That is SO exciting!!! Did you tell him how much of a groupie you were?


Nancy said...

Yesh. We like Mutts in our house.
L'il pink sock . . . .