Monday, September 8, 2008

Old Shoe

This past week I have felt as tired and worn out as an old shoe
I have done zilch, nada, nothing in the way of sewing and basically spent all weekend sleeping or laying on the couch watching the "House" marathon on USA.
The cats, of course, feel no guilt about spending the weekend (or every day) like this. Here is Stella enjoying my favorite couch quilt.
I don't need Dr. House to diagnose what's wrong with me though--working too many hours, not getting enough sleep, too much stress, general malaise, and allergies, allergies, allergies. What I do need is a cure, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Here's hoping for a better and more productive week.


MelissaS said...

Come on girl...pull yourself up by your've got to get yourself up so that you can come to my guild's quilt show this weekend...Sept 13&14 in downtown Alpharetta! I'll be looking for you.

Becky said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling down. Sounds like you know what the problem is. Take a nap and allow your body to recover.

Love the couch quilt that Stella is "gracing" with her nap.

Grab a handful of your latest projects/finishes and come visit. I'd love the quilty stimulation :)

Take care!

laurie said...

I hope that is not YOUR shoe - if so... it's time to go shopping! :)

PS - pick a date with Mom...we can meet for din!

Michelle said...

Hang in there'll get your groove back soon! :) We all go through the blahs. I think I'd like being a I could sleep so piecefully anytime I wanted!