Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visiting Day

I had a fun day visiting friends. I got up early (for me on a Saturday) and dropped off two quilts for Peggy to quilt (I really need to get cranking on some binding since I have 3 here to do and now 2 more soon). Then I went to visit Becky who is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Karin and I got Becky a "Quilter's Get Well Gift" at Sweet Home Quilt Co.--a Jelly Roll from Moda's Portobello Market line. Even thought Becky isn't quite up to sewing at the machine yet, she can plan projects like nobody's business LOL! She loved the gift and I brought her goodies from SBux. I had a wonderful visit with Becky and her in-home "doctor" Rusty (her dachshund and shadow).

Sharon, a good quilting friend, was having a "quilter's yard sale" this week and today was the last day. A bunch of friends (including Becky and Karin!) went Thurs. and Fri. but I had to work, so on the way home I stopped by to see what was left. (PS to Becky: You know you are a quilter if the first day out with your walker is to a fabric sale!!!!!) It was great seeing Sharon and Sharon B-A and I picked up a couple of things--some random fabric, a present for my mom, and some Thangles. AND I got talked into doing a swap with everyone (including Sharon who was unloading years worth of kits and now started another swap LOL!)

Now I'm sewing binding and watching Hurricane Ike updates. I am doing much better after sleeping a bunch and chillin' last weekend and because Laurie was worried that the shoe was one of mine--it's a photo from an archaeological dig!!!!

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Becky said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your visit and "goodies." I'm still stroking the PM jelly roll. Making lots of progress this week. Looking forward to a sewing day at the shop on Saturday!

Glad you found some goodies at Sharon's sale. Just plain fun. Yes, she roped me into the swap, too. That will be a blast!