Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Well it's nearing the end of a long holiday weekend. I am relieved that Hurricane Gustav didn't hit New Orleans and hopefully it won't do much damage in Louisiana. Now hurricanes Hannah and Ike are headed toward Florida and I expect we will get lots of rain here in Georgia from those later this week.

I didn't get as much done this long weekend as I thought I would. I did get lots of sleep though, which was the important thing. The cats got lots of sleep too...
Morpheus must have had a hard day being a kitty since he is deep in sleep. What exactly is so hard about being a kitty??? Eat, sleep, get attention, sleep, eat, sleep, get attention, play with toys, sleep, repeat.
Here is Morph looking irritated that I woke him up (hee hee).

I didn't get much done quilting-wise this weekend. I did a lot of housecleaning (yuck--but necessary). Saturday, I went to Sweet Home Quilt Co. to pick up the new "Quilt Sampler" magazine. Thanks to Melisa, I got one of the last 2 issues!
and a new ruler and a new jelly roll (Heritage by Moda).

Here is the current jelly roll quilt I am working on called "Sparkling Gemstones" in the book Jelly Roll Quilts. It is made from 2 20-strip Kaffe Fasset jelly rolls from Intown Quilters. I am about halfway done putting the rows together and will finish it next weekend.

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Karen said...

Maybe this is something I could do with a jelly roll I purchased. I didn't have anything in mind when I bought one. Nice quilt!