Monday, April 26, 2010

Back from Michigan and Mackenzie's Big Day Out

S. and I went to Michigan for a long weekend (Friday was a furlough day). We left on Thursday and got back to Atlanta last night. I was so excited because I got to meet my niece Mackenzie for the first time in person. I am so happy that my SIL said I could put photos of Mackenzie on my blog because I know all my readers want to see The Cutest Baby Ever.

Here she is!!! 6 weeks old and stylin' in stripes!
Here she is in an outfit I bought for her (note: I do not "do" PINK for babies!).
I thought this outfit looked a little Tim Burton-ish from his Beetlejuice period what with the stripes and all. People who know me and my brother will completely understand. We are big-time Beetlejuice fans from way back. 1988 to be exact.

I also got to play with Mackenzie's big brother Jack. Jack says "I know I'm Aunt Gretchen's favorite because she brought me fancy organic dog biscuits and the baby got none haha! I'm also going to play with her toys when no one is looking hee hee!"

My mom, SIL, and I took Mackenzie on her first big day a quilt store!!!! Yep, Mackenzie visited one of our favorite shops Mabelena (check out their website and you can "friend" them on Facebook too!).
She loved being at the quilt store and looking at all the colors. I guess the batiks put her to sleep though.
But of course, she is a Moda girl at heart! Look at that smile!!!

Anyway, S. and I had a great time visiting with family and playing with Mackenzie and talking about Mackenzie and taking lots of pictures of Mackenzie.

PS: I am not a "baby" person except when it comes to Mackenzie.
PPS: I already miss Jack...
and Mackenzie.


Needled Mom said... absolutely precious!!!!

Carol said...

OMG! She is cute as cute can be! And Jack's a cutie too!

dianne said...

she is a little sweetie!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Mackenzie is exquisite. I've got a great guy in mind for her. He has red hair.

Cathi said...

She's adorable!!! Trying to get her used to fabric and quilt shops early? :-)

Susan said...

Ahhh, she is so adorable! I'm glad your SIL let you share pics of her. It sounds like you had a great trip!

Becky said...

Yep, she has to be a Moda girl. I see some doll quilts and outfits in her future. Thanks for sharing your photos!

*karendianne. said...

Aww, how super sweet. She's growing so fast isn't she? And Jack is being such a good boy, too! We love Jack. Just so he knows that and doesn't feel left out.

Mackenzie is a Moda girl. Yeah!!! Great photo of that, proof of it. Happy to know it. :)

She is the Cutest Baby Ever on the entire planet. Did the felines pick up on the baby smell when you returned?

Brenda said...

She is so cute. I know you were really excited to be albe to spend some time with her.

Joan said...

That is one sweet child. Loved the outfits. You are training her early for fabrics I see. Thanks for sharing the pics.