Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wrens of Distinction

A pair of house wrens built a nest in my Craftsman-style lantern hanging on the porch. If you look close, you can see that the birds filled the lantern with sticks for a nest.
Here is a photo of a house wren from Cornell's ornithology website:
I don't have a candle in the lantern; I just use it for decoration. It's fun watching the parent birds busy flying back and forth bringing food for the two babies. For tiny birds, they are really loud too but have a pretty song.

Do you think growing up in a Craftsman-style lantern will later influence the birds and they will have an appreciation for Frank Lloyd Wright, William Morris, and Gustav Stickley furniture?

I'm not sure how the baby birds are going to get out of the nest since the only way in is through a small hole at the top. Hope the parents thought this through.


Amanda said...

Clearly, very discerning birds. It will be fascinating to see how they manage - I do hope you are able to get a photograph of them fledging.

Becky said...

At school, a pair of birds built a nest on top of the light on the front wallway. Bus dismissal was a very anxious time for them. Our birds like "country". Your birds like "city-life." Yes, I think they will gravitate towards historical homes:)