Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday Weekend

I have not been as productive as I thought I would be this holiday weekend. Saturday, I did make this pursestart to finish for my new summer bag. I bought the kit last year (?) from one of my favorite quilt shops in Michigan, Mabelena's (unfortunately they don't have a website). It's from the pattern "Everyday Bag" by My Favorite Things. Another UFO done!

The weather has been beautiful here in GA this weekend and I did spend some time in the yard checking out the drought-survivors. This oak leaf hydrangea is my favorite plant in the yard(don't tell the others!).
I just love the deep green leaves, the creamy white flowers, and in the winter it has a wonderful twisty shape and shows off its peeling bark.

Yesterday, I worked all day at SBux and did my weekly shopping at Whole Foods. Instead of grilling this weekend, I bought a mess of wild-caught, fresh shrimp (on sale!) and some veggies and lots of fruit.

This shrimp is the best! Boiled quickly in Old Bay seasoning YUM!

Morpheus and I chilled out for a couple of hours reading the Sunday NY Times
Throw in a couple of naps and that's about the extent of things around here. Things I did not get done: get caught up on the OC Mystery Quilt, make it to any of the LQS's Memorial Day sales, and housework chores.


Amanda said...

It sounds as if you have been doing exactly what you should have been doing on a Bank Holiday - relaxing and making time to smell the flowers.

Michelle said...

We all have those "slumps"'ll be sewing like crazy soon enough! :) Your bag is great and a woohoo for a finished UFO!!