Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ready for retreat

OK my bags are ready and packed for the retreat. Think I have enough projects???

[while my friend Debbie finishes laughing, I will say that I don't have *quite* this much stuff].

Hopefully the wi-fi will be working and I'll post from retreat so y'all can see the piles of completed UFOs stacking up.

photo credit: The (London) Daily Mail


Karin said...

Have a wonderful time out at FaFa land. I wish I were going too. Of course I would probably come home with more fabric being closer to Sweet Home! I have been really bad this week. The only thing I have done is unwrap the batting for the baby quilt. I just keep procrastinating!

Becky said...

Hope that the Wi-fi works! Would love to have reports from the "retreat front." Have fun!

Quilter In Paradise said...

LOL good picture -- could be so true! Why do we always bring SO MUCH STUFF when going to retreat?? I know I am NEVER going to finish the stuff I bring -- so why do I ??