Monday, May 5, 2008

Countdown to retreat

Only 2 more days of work and then it's retreat time! I already have an overly ambitious two tote bags of projects packed. I'm so afraid I'll run out of projects to work on, I keep adding one more. I probably have enough to last a month of non-stop quilting LOL! I need to add the OC mystery quilt too because I am still behind. I got bogged down with cutting all those triangles.

Saturday was my sewing group day and I started working on one of my favorite quilts from one of my favorite quilts books 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts. The quilt is called "Black & Beyond" and it is black, grey, and turkey red reproduction fabrics. I used fabric I already had in my stash so this is a "no new fabric quilt". I am about halfway done and I'll post a photo when I finish the quilt at retreat.

I also picked up the spring Quilt Sampler magazine. The quilt on the cover from Lake St. Mercantile is beautiful. This is a great quilt shop in Michigan in a wonderful historic bank building. The photos in the magazine don't do the shop justice. Trust me, you could spend hours and oodles of money there.


Linda C. said...

I envy your close Retreat date. Ours isn't until September . . . still TRIPLE digits away. Sadly, I just looked at the calendar . . . 16 weeks!
I can't remember her name, but someone wrote a great treatise on yarn stash, and I think most of it could be transposed to quilting. Her position was that if you bought it for a specific project, it was not stash, but in the queue. Sock yarn is realy "socks - some assembly required", so it's not stash. Fiber given to you by others is not stash, but something looking for a home, either with someone else, or in the trash. Her end resolution was that she had no stash, so she was ready to go shopping!

Michelle said...

I leave for retreat in one week, so I can relate to your excitement! I've never been to a quilting retreat before so I don't know what to expect. But I'm packing plenty of projects, too, that's for sure! Have fun at your retreat...we'll look forward to pictures!