Thursday, May 22, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Staff?

This is a week that I am just overwhelmed with stuff to do in work, home, life, etc. I wish I had a personal assistant or five to help me get everything done.

Edgar Poe is always ready to help out, but unfortunately he doesn't know how to drive to run errands or how to do dishes or laundry. (He does know how to be cute though doesn't he?)

Faced with overwhelming things to do, I did what my cats would do, took a long nap after work and now I better get busy. Apparently my staff didn't materialize while I was sleeping.


Michelle said...

What a sweet kitty...he's ready to help! Hang in there! :)

Amanda said...

Just prioritise - only do the things that are really important, or that you want to do, and leave the rest. if you ignore them long enough they'll probably go away. I think cats have learnt this lesson well, so you should take more notice of him!!

Karin said...

It is the holiday take a holiday and do what you want. Hang with the guys and nap as needed. Work will still be is too short!
Love that Edgar!!

Becky said...

Great picture of Edgar! He is helping. A nap solves many problems. We made it to the weekend!!!!!