Friday, May 2, 2008

Quilting on the Brain

It's been a long week this week, which always makes me really want to be quilting rather than doing anything else. The good news is that next week I'll have nothing but sewing, sewing, sewing for four days at a quilt retreat!! Yes woo hoo a retreat set up by my good friend Pat of Silver Thimble Quilt Co. So I've been thinking of all the projects I'm going to take with me and all those UFOs I'll get done.

Of course since my fav quilt shop is on the way (Sweet Home), I'll have to stop and see what's new. Let's see, if I buy fabric, then go to retreat and use it, and it never really gets to my house until after it's made into something, does it still count as buying new fabric? Hmmmm I may be on to something here.

Along those same lines of "Quilter's Logic", I have a question for quilters out there. Do you think of your works in progress/fabric/UFOs in boxes/bags as stash or is stash the fabric you have that's not set aside for something? I think of my stash as all the fabric that's not already in a bag as a project or project-to-be. In which case, I am not doing too well with stashbusting, except for the OC mystery quilt, which is not using up nearly enough fabric.

I picked up this magazine the other day:
which has some really great patterns for using up stash so sometime in the future, I will be digging into the armoire to use up some fabric. Just as soon as I get caught up on everything else I've started.......


Amanda said...

I don't have much stash, but I count it as scraps if it's too small to be used more than a couple of times in a quilt, otherwise it's stuff waiting to be used for projects still in mind. I don't really have any fabric bought for no reason at all, there's always a method in my madness. I'm not sure that buying magazines about using scraps REALLY counts as scrap busting!!!!

Becky said...

You will have a blast on the retreat. I'll think of you and wish I was there too. I count projects in bags as my stash. When I finish a project, I consider that busting stash. Looks like a good magazine! Hope that you were able to enjoy some of the sunshine this week.

Quilter In Paradise said...

my stash is about 20% for projects that I want to make and about 80% just because I liked the fabric. It makes it interesting to dig for fabric when I want to make a particular quilt. I had a hard time coming up with "scrap" fabric for the Orange Crush quilt ... I kept finding too many fabrics I liked in the stash! LOL
have fun on your retreat!