Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rainy Saturday Plans

Woo hoo I have a weekend off!! Yes, I did a happy dance closing SBux last night knowing I had the weekend off. I hope the second step of the Orange Crush quilt are posted this weekend. Here are my 4-patches all done:

I am enjoying a pot of our new Pike Place Roast. If you haven't tried it, put down the mouse and run and get some. This is truly a fabulous coffee. And yes, I drank the Howard Schultz (coffee-flavored) Kool Aid but really it's a great coffee. Mmmmm can you smell the beans.

This is my new canister. I am such a SBux geek--I have a zillion mugs, shirts, Bearista bears, and who knows what else. But what can I say? I love the company and I love my job there (and I get a discount hee hee).
Here is Gomez enjoying the rain. Hooray for rain in the ATL! A brief respite from the Green Menace (aka pollen).
I was hoping to spend all day in my pjs but I need to pick up my Bernina. Keeping fingers crossed and cautiously optimistic.
I had a somewhat bizarre Twilight Zone experience last night at SBux. A dear friend of mine from college who I haven't seen in 12 years came into my store. In the middle of me saying "Hello can I help...." recognition. It was so great to see him even for a few minutes. I *found* him on Facebook and am so glad to have reconnected. Even though my crazy stupid schedule/life has prevented me from seeing him when he has been in town, I am glad to know he is out there. In a very disconnected society, it is nice to know that parts of your past that you thought you'd lost can be found through the wonders of the Internet. Well, more later. My cup is empty and the rain has stopped and need to run my errands.


Karin said...

I have to post a picture of the damage I did at Sweet Home today....ooh I was bad. I am planning on blaming Mike! The cleaning became minimal at best today-did run the vacuum to pick up some threads. My friend is coming in 3 weeks so I will have to clean then!
Thanks for the ITP offer. I am not sure where the reading is yet-it is not posted on his site. I'll let you know. The new book is a post ww2 love story I think. He wrote "Midwives" several years ago. Sewing on the inner border of Laur's quilt today.

Anonymous said...

Love your 4 patches, I finished mine too, glad I did.
Waiting for the next step.
We have Starbuck in Australia and yes they make a great cup of coffee, we are coffee lovers in this house.

Silver Thimble Talk said...

I keep trying to post to your blog and I am never successful. Yesterday I was so sorry about Morticia. The Orange Crush looks super. YOU GO

Recovering..will be better soon I hope. It has been difficult to say the least but I have done some great designs. Can't wait to sew.


Michelle said...

I think I'm going to be sorry that I'm not doing the Orange Crush mystery. Just have too many things going on right now. I tried to reply to your comments on my blog, but you are set to "no-reply," but thanks for the nice comments!

Becky said...

The new coffee looks fabulous. I can almost taste it from here. What is the verdict on your Bernina? Hope she if fixed and home ready to sew. Your four patches look great. Gomex looks so comfty. Is that your Honeyberries quilt he is gracing? Hope that you enjoyed your weekend! Miss you!

Teresa said...

Oh, those coffeebeans do make me want a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Hope you enjoyed your day off and we'll be waiting to hear more about this long lost College friend. Talk about a teaser....

(PS...I love the word verification I get this time. Its "xdiet" and does that mean no more diets? I can live with that!"