Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Machine Woes

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. My Bernina 440 sewing machine has apparently caught consumption or perhaps a case of the vapors because now it is only making little clicky-coughy sounds instead of sewing (why I imagine my Bernina as a Victorian lady I don't know--probably because it's being fussy and just up and stopped sewing in the middle of chain piecing without warning. Now, in my view things like applicances, sewing machines, and cars should not be fussy or stop without warning when you keep them maintained. They should let you know ahead of time so you can be prepared.) Where was I?? Oh yes, little annoying expensive-sounding unhappy computer noises. After two days of fiddling with it (clean clean clean, unplug, replug, pray, chant, beg, sacrifices to the sewing goddess), I am resigned to take it to the local Bernina dealer on Saturday. Grrrrrrrrrrr (sometimes you just have to growl)

I do not like taking my machine to the dealer because A) they take FOREVER to get it back to you (umm 4 weeks just to clean it the last time) and B) everyone I have dealt with there either ignored me, didn't look kindly on non-embroidery machines, or was rude to me. I dread going there and leaving my machine to people with bad customer service and/or bad attitudes towards customers they think are "unworthy". Unfortunately, this particular shop has a monopoly on Berninas in the metro area and I think the next closest dealer is in North Carolina so I really don’t have a choice on taking it elsewhere. I didn’t even want to buy this machine from them because I had such bad service with my first Bernina but didn’t have a choice. Triple grrrrrrrrr. Maybe I will be surprised and get nice, helpful, courteous service but I am not holding my breath.

Luckily I have my trusty 1948 Singer Featherweight so I can keep sewing. Hooray for old, non-fussy technology!!


Michelle said...

Did we buy our machines from the same place? -wink- I've had the same experience (bad service and SLOW) with my Bernina dealer. I hope they can quickly (and nicely) get your machine back up and running! I do love my machine though! I have the 440QE.

Becky said...

Sorry that your Bernina is not feeling well. A visit to Mr. Nixon will get her purring again. Sisters!!!! Can't wait until tomorrow. So happy to have internet at home again:)