Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day

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It's Earth Day! Going "green" has become part of our everyday lexicon. What are you doing to go green?

I have made a lot of changes in the past year and a half--trying to do all I can to reuse, reduce, recycle, and buy organic. There's tons of links for Earth Day info and sites. Here are some of my favorites: Check out your ecological footprint at this site. For some Earth Day info check out the World Wildlife Fund's website or the Nature Conservancy.

Here's some Quilty Earth Day tips I thought of today:
1. make some reusable and stylish shopping bags out of the favorite fabric from your stash
2. reuse the bag from your LQS for your next trip or better yet forego the bag and wrap your purchases up in some yardage.
3. check out the new organic fabrics from Michael Miller, vegetable dyed fabric from Andover, and eco-friendly bamboo or organic cotton batting
4. make a "green" quilt from your green fabric stash LOL!!!

Did you see the Planet Earth series on the Discovery Channel last year? I recorded this series and never get tired of watching it. I am still amazed at the incredible beauty captured on film for this series and appreciate even more this wonderful, diverse, fragile planet we live on.


Amanda said...

I hadn't realised it was Earth Day - it's not been at all well advertised here in the UK. We do as much recycling as we can, but I was amazed by some of the tips given in response to Bonnie's request. We have quite a collection of cloth bags that we use instead of store plastic bags and I have made one or two of them. My son gave me Planet Earth for Christmas last year, and I agree, I could watch it time and time again.

Mary Anne said...

Great Quilt Green tips !!!(I especially like the one about wrapping your fabric in MORE fabric at the LQS instead of using a plastic bag ...... gives me an excuse to buy MORE fabric !!!)

P.S. thanks for visiting me over on my blog !! Come again soon!