Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring..for a day at least

Well it is Spring in Atlanta, at least for today. My flowers are blooming, which means it will probably freeze again. Since we are in the midst of a terrible drought here in the South, I have adopted the Darwin theory of gardening--if it survives, it survives. So far I haven't lost any plants, they are just hanging on. Here are my hellebores (also called Lenten rose). Such a beautiful purple color.

The first camellia. Daffodils, which are very short this year but blooming like crazy.
Here's my flowering quince--the sun was too bright for a good photo but it has lovely coral blooms (it also has the most vicious thorns ever--learned the hard way).


Greenmare said...

Oh thank you for showing us flowers! Here in WI I've almost forgotten what they look like! well I did manage to keep three really nice geraniums so far.
yours are LOVELY!!

Teresa said...

I think you must be new to the ring so let me say Welcome! I enjoyed reading your posts, had to read them all. I understand your need to get away - but I would love to go to the ocean. I think snow is beautiful, but I want to sit barefoot, comfy clothes and watch the waves and listen to the birds overhead - a quiet isolated beach for me. Coffee is good anywhere anytime. Love that strawberry quilt!

Becky said...

I'm impressed by your knowledge of flower :) I used to work in the yard, but not anymore..... Hoping it warms up so we can enjoy the trees, plants and flowers.