Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Area 51

Roswell! Roswell! (any X-Files fans out there will know this is a quote from a really great episode...) Everyone is talking about UFOs...my friend Becky is finishing up UFOs, so is my friend Karin, and Debbie is AWOL she so busy sewing, so is Pat Sloan, and today I was listening to Annie Smith's podcast and she was talking about finishing up UFOs too. Now I'm stressed...I want to finish up UFOs!!!!!! But I am working too much these next couple of weeks (sigh). I need a patron! I need a sponsor! So I can stay home and quilt all day to get some of these UFOs done.
In all it's shame and no glory whatsoever, here is my stack of UFOs on note cards (these are works in progress and quilts I have fabric for) and an example of how I keep track of projects. Of course, there is no scale (haha) so really *truly* there's only 10 cards in that stack...

This stack is the tops that are done and need quilting (only 5 here I am sure....)

Not to mention I thought of two really fabulous ideas for quilts while I was stuck in traffic. Stop the madness!! Well I probably won't get anything done tonight because I am curl-up-and-cry-tired.

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