Thursday, February 28, 2008

Atlanta Shop Hop

Well it's Atlanta Shop Hop weekend and for the first time since I started quilting, I am not going to a bunch of the shops. Too many UFOs, too much stuff in my sewing space, and gas is getting way too expensive. I will go to Melisa's (Sweet Home Quilt Co.) on Saturday though and probably stop by Intown Quilters on my way home from Starbucks on Sunday. Karin is feeling the same way.

My goal is to finish the borders on my Morris Garden quilt and get the back pieced so I can get it off to the long-arm quilter. Also, I need to hand stitch the binding on a quilt, which I'll probably do watching movies this weekend. So if all goes as planned (which it rarely does...) I'll have a couple of new photos by the end of the weekend.

PS #1: Can someone return spring to Atlanta since it was in the 20s! the past couple of mornings AND there were snow flurries this past Tuesday morning.

PS#2: Where exactly did February go?


Karin said...

I HAD to go to Melisa's yesterday. And I HAD to get some of your Morris Garden. It is scrumptious. She has way too many great fabrics! I'm missing spring as well

Teresa said...

Drag that Spring through South Carolina on the way to Atlanta. It was 17 degrees here yesterday morning, and 28 by the time I had to walk across campus. I had brain freeze by the time I got to my meeting. Sure wish we had a quilt shop close by, but I understand not wanting to spend the gas going to a lot of different stores. Our gas is over $3 now!

Carol said...

Unfortunately, I am doing the Shop Hop this weekend. I did go to Sweet Home first!! I am collecting store discount coupons so I can go back later and buy backings for my UFO's. I am almost finished with Hearts Ablaze Nov 2004. Slowly working through my kits.

Mary said...

What exactly is a Morris Garden? I love your blog!! I really miss spring too! This weekend I am going to work on Leanne's House...which has been laying around here...In Illinois we just get snow every other day it seems, soooo over WINTER!!! But I did notice on some trees their are actually buds appearing!! Yes, its true! THINK SPRING, THINK SPRING!!
Hugs, from another sloanie!