Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greta Garbo in Snowshoes

The idea I can't get out of my head this week is to go away for a few days by myself. I thought of this Tuesday night when I was taking out the recycling and ended up staring at the nearly full moon in the middle of my driveway on an unusually clear night for Atlanta. I just want to be somewhere quiet and peaceful like the mountains--not southern mountains but real mountains- in the west. I would love to see the moon reflecting on snow on a crisp, cold, dark night. Somewhere where is it so quiet you can hear the snow falling.

I want to stay at a great lodge with a fireplace in my room and someone bringing me food I don't have to cook and pot after pot of coffee I don't have to brew. I would sit in the peace and quiet and watch the fire and not think about anything.
All day long at the office, the phones are ringing, people talking, computers and florescent lights humming, copy machines, and all the noise of downtown with the sirens, cars, people. At Starbucks, it's constant noise--music, people, espresso machines, blenders, timers, the drive thru headset, the cars, and more people. The whole living in the city thing is wearing me down.

The really odd thing about this is I can't figure out why I want to be somewhere cold. I don't really like the cold. I don't even have a hat let alone a winter coat and boots. I wouldn't begin to know where to go--Colorado Springs? Telluride? Jackson Hole? Lake Tahoe? Aspen? Not to ski but maybe snowshoeing? It's like hiking but in snow right?
I am around people all day and all night and sometimes, every once in awhile, like Greta Garbo, I just want to be alone. Since snowshoeing in Colorado is probably out of the question, maybe I'll take a cue from Gomez and just find a really big box

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