Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer's Here Right on Time

Well it's the start of the long smoggy, humid, hot summertime here in the ATL. I try not to turn on the AC until June 1st just on principle. This year, sure enough, June 1st was too hot and muggy for open windows so I cringed as I turned on the AC (set at 78 degrees when I'm home mind you--not exactly chilly). I am absolutely dreading electric bills this summer. With gas prices at a mind-boggling $3.99/gal., I am cutting back wherever I can. No new summer clothes or sandals, checking out books from the library instead of buying books, absolutely postively no extraneous driving.

One of my favorite bloggers is going on a 7 month no-buying-excess-stuff resolution (check out Laurie's post on May 28th for an insightful look at "stuff"). Is everyone else cutting back on stuff? Is everyone else as worried about tomorrow or next week or next month as I am?

Of course some things or someones are worth whatever it takes.
Here's Gomez the day before he ended up at ER vet. He's making sure no one touches that jelly roll. Vet bill: LOTS of extra shifts at SBux. Fabric guard cat: priceless.

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Amanda said...

It's much the same here in the UK. Petrol costs an absolute fortune, and food prices have gone up hugely, so I imagine a lot of us are thinking more carefully. Of course cats don't know this and inevitably choose just the wrong time to need treatment!