Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back in the ATL and Canada photos

Well I am back in Hot-lanta and trying to do the 50-11 things that you have to do when you get back from vacation (give the cats lots of attention, unpack, laundry, catch up on about a zillion emails, laundry, laundry, laundry, go through mail, oh yeah and do some laundry). It is nice to be home (although I do want to pick up my whole house and move to Seattle). I also am determined to organize and label all my digital photos from my trip before I forget where they were taken.

Big news: GOMEZ IS HOME!!! Picked up Gomez from the vet this morning. His new name is Gomez Mega-bux because of how expensive his vet bills were, but he is home and everyone is happy and healthy again (knock on wood!)
I promise I will get back to quilty posts soon as soon as I get settled from vacation. In the meantime here are more photos from my trip.
Arrived early in the AM in Victoria, British Columbia, and drove to Butchart Gardens. Wow! Everything that my quilt buddies Sue and Carla told me about the gardens is true--unbelievable! I took A LOT of photos for later quilt inspiration.

The Sunken Garden and here

Love the colors in this view with the purple and orange.

After the gardens, drove back to Victoria. Victoria is a beautiful city and perfect for pedestrians. Lots of fabulous shops, restaurants, harbor view, civic buildings, museums, and on and on. Walked everywhere all over town numerous times. This is the Parliament Building

This is the Empress Hotel. When planning for this trip last year, I was incredibly lucky and found an insanely great deal on rooms at the Empress since they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the hotel--for one day only, you could get a basic room for $100 a night (they called it the "deal of the century"--no kidding). So yes, this is where I stayed for 3 nights in Victoria. It is a fabulous hotel and I hope to live for another 100 years so I can stay there again!
And while walking to Chinatown in Victoria I found this My own little piece of Quilter's Heaven--a Starbucks right next to a quilt shop!!!!!!! Satin Moon Quilt Shop was one of the 10 Best Quilt Shops in "Quilt Sampler" a while back and is a great shop! I didn't buy anything though because the US dollar is worth less than the Canadian dollar and the fabric was in meters and it was all too much math!!! It was also late in the day and I hadn't gone next door for a quad grande nonfat latte yet. Check out their website at the link above 'cause there are some great recipes as well as patterns by local designers.
Finally, check out my friend Becky's blog because she has a give-away for her B-day and check out my friend Pat's blog for info on a great upcoming retreat in FL where she will be teaching.


Amanda said...

Lovely photos, it sounds as if you had a great trip. Glad to hear that Gomez is okay - you'll be living on bread and jam for a month now just to pay the vet's bills!

Karin said...

Yeah Gomez back with his peeps!!!
Glad you had a good vacation. It sounds like quite a time. Looking forward to hearing all about it at sisters.

Heike said...

Thank you for sharing the nice photos.
I love Butchart Gardens too and I've been there twice.
Did you dink a cup of tea at the Empress?
Many greetings fom Germany